Cell Phone Data Retrieval Basics

If you have a cell phone, you basically have a hand-held computer designed for a specific task. As such, that mobile computer does things that generate data – data that is stored somewhere on the phone’s internal mechanisms. The interesting thing is that this data can be recovered fairly easily. It’s interesting to do an […]

eBLASTER – Mobile Smartphone Monitoring

There are many options for cell phone monitoring and data retrieval, but none of them represent a better deal for the money than the eBLASTER mobile smart phone monitoring software from BrickHouse. This incredibly powerful package currently lists for just $70. You’ll be amazed at what it can do. For starters, the software package is […]

Cell Phone Recon

If you have $170 to spend on smart phone tracking and monitoring, Cell Phone Recon is a product offered by BrickHouse Security that you might find useful. At the time of this writing, BrickHouse was offering it at a reduced price of $139. The package includes software that lets you keep track of any smart […]

iPhone Spy Stick

Owners of iPhones can monitor and recover deleted data from their devices quickly and easily using the BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick. This device is one of the more powerful data recovery tools offered by BrickHouse. It is also fairly affordable at just under $150. Users should be aware that this device is a recovery device, […]

SniperSpy – Remote PC Monitoring Software

There are times you might be concerned about how one of your computers is being used yet you have no way to get to that machine in time to stop potentially dangerous behavior. That’s why tools like SniperSpy exist. The comprehensive SniperSpy software gives you peace of mind knowing that you can monitor computer use […]

How to Spy On a Smartphone without Being Discovered

For decades, conspiracy theorists have been warning us that big brother was coming. Well, if you own a smart phone, he is already here. Modern technology now allows you to spy on any mobile phone you own with little chance of being discovered. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain how to do it. Before we […]

Stealth iBot Computer Spy

Are you the owner of Windows PCs you believe needs to be monitored? If so, there’s no easier and more cost-effective way to make it happen than the Stealth iBot Computer Spy. For less than $100, this device gives you a combination of raw power and stealth enabling you to keep track of just about […]

Recover It – Cell Phone & PC Monitoring Software

Recover It – Forensic Data Recovery Tool BrickHouse Security markets the Recover It cell phone and PC monitoring software as the best all-in-one tool for PC and smartphone monitoring and data recovery. Right off the bat, it is definitely a step above the competition because the software is equally effective on both computers and cell […]