Cell Phone Data Retrieval Basics

If you have a cell phone, you basically have a hand-held computer designed for a specific task. As such, that mobile computer does things that generate data – data that is stored somewhere on the phone’s internal mechanisms. The interesting thing is that this data can be recovered fairly easily.

It’s interesting to do an Internet search on cell phone data retrieval products. Do you know what you’ll find? You’ll find dozens of companies offering software and hardware devices capable of getting all sorts of data off cell phones. Even if the user believes that data has been deleted.

How Data Retrieval Is Possible

What most people do not understand about their cell phones is that they are anything but what we traditionally view as a telephone. In other words, consider what telephones used to be before the introduction of cellular technology.

In the old days, a telephone was a simple electrical device that carried voice signals from one end of a communication line to the other. There was no data necessary above and beyond the voice signal. Therefore, the only way someone would know the details of a phone conversation would be to actually listen in on it. Furthermore, there would be no way to have access to call logs unless they were retrieved from the phone company.

With cellular technology, that’s no longer the case. Every time a person uses his smart phone, the device generates data that is stored. On older phones, the data is stored on the SIM card mounted inside the phone near the battery. Newer phones store the data on the embedded RAM.

Data Never Truly Deleted

A second thing most people are unaware of is the fact that when a phone user deletes data, it is not truly deleted. That’s what makes cell phone spying possible. In other words, you may think you have deleted all the text messages from your phone but, in fact, all you’ve actually done is remove the memory markers in the telephone indicating where in storage the messages are located.

With the right piece of software, those messages can still be retrieved as long as they haven’t been overwritten. Obviously, every smart phone has a limited storage capacity, which eventually results in old data being overwritten. However, it’s only overwritten by new data that can be just as easily retrieved.

What types of data can be retrieved? Here are just a few examples:

  • dates and times of calls
  • call durations
  • text messages sent and received
  • e-mails sent and received
  • physical location of a phone.

Simply put, if your phone records data, it can be retrieved with the right software. What’s more, the software and tools necessary for cell phone data retrieval are fairly inexpensive. Using BrickHouse Security as an example, their entry-level product is just under $70.

A Multitude of Uses

The ability to retrieve cell phone data opens the door to a variety of possibilities. Small business owners, for example, might use the tools for legitimate cell phone monitoring of all company-owned phones. The law allows for such uses under certain parameters.

Parents may use the technology to make sure their children are obeying the family rules for cell phone use. Some parents may choose devices with more advanced features that include GPS tracking in real-time. They might do so to make sure their children are always where they are supposed to be.

Other uses include keeping track of elderly parents, making sure one is traceable when going out on hiking or camping trips, or even just tracking a phone if it has been lost or stolen. The possibilities are almost endless.

eBLASTER – Mobile Smartphone Monitoring

There are many options for cell phone monitoring and data retrieval, but none of them represent a better deal for the money than the eBLASTER mobile smart phone monitoring software from BrickHouse. This incredibly powerful package currently lists for just $70. You’ll be amazed at what it can do.

For starters, the software package is a real-time monitor, not a data retrieval system. There’s a big difference. With a data retrieval system, you only get access to the data when you have the phone physically in your hands. While that might be useful for retrieving data from a few days earlier, it doesn’t let you know what’s happening with your phone right now.

The eBLASTER system is a real-time monitor that keeps you up to date without you needing access to the phone. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection to log into your eBLASTER account. The phone sends data updates to the eBLASTER servers where you can immediately access it.

How it Works

The eBLASTER package is designed for use with any Android or BlackBerry phone. To get started you only need access to the phone one time, and only for a few minutes. You install the eBLASTER software on your computer, download and install the appropriate phone app, activate your account, and you’re up and running. That’s all there is to it.

As soon as everything is set up, your smartphone starts sending data to the eBLASTER servers in regular increments. As long as the phone is on and connected to a network, data will be sent. You can access that data from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a device to log on.

You’ll be happy to know that the phone app runs covertly in the background so the user has no idea the phone is being monitored. This is helpful in situations where you might suspect the user is taking advantage of you and your phone.

In the Box

When you purchase the eBLASTER software, nothing physical is shipped to you. Instead, you’ll receive an e-mail from the developer containing a download link and your authentication key. Download the software, enter the authentication key, and sit back while it installs.

Because this is a real-time monitoring package, there’s no hardware involved. You do not need cables, USB devices, or any hard connection between computer and phone. You only need an Internet connection and a phone that is on and functioning.

Our Experience

We cannot stress enough what a wonderful tool this is for the money. After the initial setup, we were able to do quite a few things, beginning with real-time monitoring of our phone’s location. Of course, your device has to have GPS capability for this to work.

In addition to GPS monitoring we were also able to keep track of things like call logs, text messages sent and received, web browser history (Android), e-mails sent and received (BlackBerry), and even photos taken by the phone. All of the data was easily sorted through and backed up at our leisure.

For businesses with a company issued phones the eBLASTER software is an indispensable package. It is one of the most affordable ways to make sure your employees are not abusing phone privileges. Keep in mind that privacy laws may dictate how you can use the software in your state. Rest assured it meets all federal regulations.

As for personal use, parents will find the software very attractive for monitoring cell phone use among children. When they know you are watching, they are less likely to use their phones in ways you do not approve of.

Cell Phone Recon

If you have $170 to spend on smart phone tracking and monitoring, Cell Phone Recon is a product offered by BrickHouse Security that you might find useful. At the time of this writing, BrickHouse was offering it at a reduced price of $139. The package includes software that lets you keep track of any smart phone and its data in real time by taking advantage of today’s mobile technology to work its magic.

Cell Phone Recon is compatible with all Android (v4.0 and lower), BlackBerry, and Symbian devices. Data can be monitored in real time using any computer with an Internet connection. All you need do is install the software on your PC and set up your Cell Phone Recon account.

Cell Phone Recon

Real-Time GPS Tracking

The most useful real-time feature of this package is its GPS tracking. While you’re monitoring your smart phone online you’ll be able to see exactly where it’s located based on the signals sent between the phone and communications towers. This is ideal if your smart phone is ever lost or stolen.

You can also take advantage of GPS tracking to keep tabs on your children or, in the case of a business, your workers. As long as the smart phone is on and connected, you’ll always know where it is. There’s no more sneaking around behind your back and making excuses about where the phone has been. You’ll already know.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

One of the distinct advantages that make Cell Phone Recon different from a data recovery package is the fact that it monitors activity on your smart phone as it happens. All of the data you might need to recover with another package doesn’t need recovery here because it’s automatically sent to the Recon servers via the phone’s cellular connection.

That means you’ll always have access to tons of data, including:

  • call logs, including date and time
  • incoming and outgoing call numbers
  • web browsing history
  • text messages sent and received
  • e-mail sent and received (BlackBerry only)
  • new, current, and deleted contacts.

Every smart phone stores data either on the embedded RAM or the installed SIM card. With Cell Phone Recon, you have access to all of that data in real time. Even if the smart phone user decides to delete data to cover his or her tracks, it will not matter; it has already been transferred to your online account via the installed app.

In the Box

The Cell Phone Recon package comes with USB web key for activation, complete user manual, and a single license with a five-year activation. Simply insert the web key and follow the on-screen instructions to get things set up. You’ll also be instructed in how to download and install the app to your specific model of smartphone.

Cell Phone Recon is a great tool for both personal and business use. On the personal side, it can be used to keep track of children or elderly parents, retrieve data backups in case a phone is damaged, or track the phone if it’s lost or stolen.

On the business side, Cell Phone Recon makes it easy to track all company-owned smart phones with very little effort. However, note that the retail price only includes a single license. Businesses requiring multiple licenses need to contact the manufacturer for special corporate pricing.

The normal $170 price tag may be a little steep for some consumers. If that’s the case, there are less expensive options from BrickHouse Security. Note that if you have an iPhone or an older a GSM device the Cell Phone Recon is not compatible. You’ll have to look at other options.

iPhone Spy Stick

Owners of iPhones can monitor and recover deleted data from their devices quickly and easily using the BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick. This device is one of the more powerful data recovery tools offered by BrickHouse. It is also fairly affordable at just under $150.

Users should be aware that this device is a recovery device, not a real-time monitoring option. That means in order to make use of the data the owner must physically attach the device to the iPhone to begin reading and downloading. It only takes a couple of minutes though; it’s not as if you need to have the phone for hours on end.

iPhone Spy StickHow It Works

Every iPhone stores tons of data on its internal memory. That data includes contacts, calendar events, chat histories, text messages, web searches, map searches, call logs, and a lot more. All of that data is available via the iPhone Spy Stick simply by plugging in the device and downloading it.

Once it’s downloaded, the device can be plugged into a PC or Mac computer for viewing at your leisure. This makes it useful not only for monitoring but also for backing up important phone data.

The iPhone Spy Stick works by taking advantage of normal computer storage procedures. In other words, when data is deleted from an iPhone it is not really deleted unless the storage space has been overwritten. The only thing that’s happened is that the phone has removed the address markers for the data in question. The iPhone Spy Stick is capable of finding the data even without those markers.

In the Box

The BrickHouse Spy Stick comes with the device and a user’s manual. An optional cable can be purchased for your iPhone or universal connection. Once you plug the device in it immediately begins scanning the phone’s memory for data retrieval The recovery process can take as little as 1 minute or as long as 20 minutes, depending on how much data is being recovered. BrickHouse recommends you have the latest version of iTunes installed for best performance.

Our Experience

We got our hands on the iPhone Spy Stick and put it right to the test. It is compatible with all iPhone models up to the iPhone 5, running iOS version 6.1 or lower. The device and software worked as advertised, though it seemed a bit sluggish to us. That could be due to iTunes not being up-to-date as BrickHouse recommends.

As advertised, we were able to recover data relating to all sorts of things. We did have trouble with some of the deleted contact information but we assume that was because some of it had been overwritten. Keep in mind that deleted data remains on the device unless the phone needs that storage space for something else. At that point, it may overwrite deleted data.

For both personal and business use, the BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick is a good tool for data recovery and backup. It is especially helpful for businesses that want to keep track of how company-owned phones are being used. The ability to recover things like map searches, web use statistics, calendar and contact data, and so on makes it very attractive.

Lastly, BrickHouse makes a point of advertising this product as one that complies with all federal laws. They make it known that it can only be used on a phone you own or you have permission by the owner to recover data from. If your state has additional privacy laws designed to protect your employees, it is important for you to be familiar with them before using the device with company-owned phones.

SniperSpy – Remote PC Monitoring Software

There are times you might be concerned about how one of your computers is being used yet you have no way to get to that machine in time to stop potentially dangerous behavior. That’s why tools like SniperSpy exist. The comprehensive SniperSpy software gives you peace of mind knowing that you can monitor computer use from anywhere in the world.

SniperSpy is to the PC and Mac computer what a comprehensive cell phone and tablet-monitoring program is to mobile communications. What makes this software special is that you can use it three different ways:

  • Live Monitoring – As a live computer monitor you can see everything that is happening with your computer as though you were sitting in front of it yourself. You simply open a web browser on the computer or mobile device you are currently using and watch what is happening in real time. In live mode, you can watch keystrokes, applications, and more. You can even review the contents of a hard drive without the user ever knowing you are looking.
  • Logged Monitoring – You’ll likely want to keep track of your computers even if you cannot watch them in real time. That’s what logged monitoring is designed for. Just bring up your SniperSpy account, choose the specific logs you want to review, and analyze the data at your leisure.
  • Filter and Access Control – The filter and access control mode lets you decide what computer users can, and cannot, do with your computers. You can filter and block websites, control what applications can be used, set up parameters for online chatting, and so much more.

In a nutshell, SniperSpy lets you take complete control of your computers in order to ensure they are only being used in ways that you approve of. Take a look at this partial list of features:

  • monitor Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • keep track of all websites visited
  • record keystrokes, applications, and clipboard
  • monitor audio surroundings
  • view all e-mail and chat communications
  • review and kill active processes remotely
  • view live screens.

System Requirements

In order for SniperSpy to run at maximum efficiency you’ll need a computer with a 433 MHz or better CPU, 64 MB of RAM, and any version of Windows after 2000. There is a Mac OS version available as well. You’ll also need a high-speed DSL or cable Internet connection.

Obviously, a more robust computer will perform more favorably without users noticing anything that would indicate systems running in the background. How you manage the software remotely will also be impacted by the speed of your monitoring computer.

Intended Uses

The SniperSpy software package is intended for both home and business use. In the home, it is ideal as a means of keeping track of how your children are using their computers. You’ll be able to find and monitor inappropriate activity very quickly, further allowing you to head it off at the pass. Once your kids know they cannot get away with certain types of computer behavior, they will not even try.

For business use SniperSpy is a very robust and powerful package that will virtually ensure workers do not abuse company-owned computers. Once they know you are running SniperSpy, you will not have to worry about time wasting Internet use, inappropriate communications, inappropriate media downloads, corporate theft, or anything else. Deterrence is a very powerful thing.

Lastly, we are sure you’ll find the SniperSpy price very reasonable when compared to other similar products.

That’s a pretty fair price for the power SniperSpy gives you.

How to Spy On a Smartphone without Being Discovered

For decades, conspiracy theorists have been warning us that big brother was coming. Well, if you own a smart phone, he is already here. Modern technology now allows you to spy on any mobile phone you own with little chance of being discovered. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain how to do it.

Before we get to the details, keep in mind that privacy laws differ from one state to the next. Just because family members or workers are using your smartphones doesn’t necessarily give you the freedom to monitor everything they do. Make sure you know what the law does, and does not, allow you to do. That being said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

You can spy on a cell phone in four easy steps:

Step #1 – Select Your Device

Cell phone spying devices and software can be purchased for as little as $70 or as much as several hundred. BrickHouse Security is just one example of a company that sells these products. Their website lists six different choices, including the iPhone and Android Spy Sticks.

You’ll need to take some time to learn about the features of each device before purchasing. Some only offer data retrieval for things like call logs and text messages; others include more advanced features like real-time GPS tracking. You’ll obviously pay more for advanced features.

Step #2 – Install the Software

Once you have your mobile spying device in your hands, you’ll have to activate the service and install the software. The software will consist of two components: monitoring software for your computer and a smartphone app that runs in the background.

If the product you chose includes a mobile web key, you’ll insert that key into the USB port of your computer to activate the service. Some keys also include a built-in flash drive allowing you to quickly retrieve data from the phone without having to connect it to your computer.

Step #3 – Configure the Software

Basic cell phone tracking software will not require any additional configuration beyond activation and set up. However, devices with more advanced features probably will. Rest assured configuration is easy if you can use a standard word processor or web browser. Just choose the options you need and you’re good to go.

Step #4 – Start Tracking

If you’ve activated the device and installed the software correctly, you’re ready to start tracking cell phone usage, no matter where the phone is taken. Tracking technology relies on the signals cell phones and communications towers use to stay connected to one another.

If you have chosen a basic device that doesn’t include GPS monitoring and real-time data, you’ll have to retrieve cell phone data by connecting it to your computer or using the USB device provided by the manufacturer. You can download data even if the phone user attempted to delete it.

How you use this information is entirely up to you. As a parent you might use it to make sure your children are not going places they ought not to go, or using their phones for inappropriate uses. For example, the data could show whether your teenager is sending text messages when he’s supposed to be driving to school.

Yes indeed, Big Brother has arrived on our doorsteps thanks to modern cell phone technology. However, as long as this technology is not abused, it is a valuable tool for parents, businesses, and anyone who might own a cell phone being used by someone else. You might look into it if you want to know how your cell phones are being used.

Stealth iBot Computer Spy

Are you the owner of Windows PCs you believe needs to be monitored? If so, there’s no easier and more cost-effective way to make it happen than the Stealth iBot Computer Spy. For less than $100, this device gives you a combination of raw power and stealth enabling you to keep track of just about anything that happens with your PCs. What’s more, the simplicity of the device makes it extremely reliable and simple to use.

The iBot Computer Spy looks like a standard USB flash drive yet it is anything but. You can use it to keep track of all sorts of things including usernames and passwords, instant messages, URLs visited, and so on. It even keeps track of individual keystrokes and allows you to take screen shots based on preset intervals or trigger words.

Perhaps the most important feature of the Computer Spy is that there is no hardware left behind for PC users to see. This ensures the stealth necessary to make sure users do not know they are being monitored.

Stealth iBot Computer Spy

How it Works

To use the Computer Spy, simply plug the device into the PC you want to monitor and run the embedded software. Once the software is installed, you can set specific parameters for monitoring and recording screen shots. When you’re done, unplug the device and walk away.

From that instant, the software runs in the background, keeping track of everything you want to see. When you are ready to review the data you plug the device back in and wait while the software transfers it to the Computer Spy. You can then remove the device and plug it into a different computer for separate examination.

Imagine being a small business owner and being able to retrieve data from your company PCs while your workers are at lunch. In just a few minutes, you can know exactly what they are doing with company computers.

In the Box

Your purchase of the Stealth iBot Computer Spy includes the physical device itself with its embedded software. It is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and 2000. The integrated USB flash drive has a capacity of up to 10,000 screen shots and a virtually unlimited amount of text. It is an extremely powerful device that is well worth the investment.

Our Experience

The simplicity of the Stealth iBot Computer Spy’s design led us to believe it would work flawlessly as long as the software was up to par. We were not disappointed. We followed the instructions and found ourselves up and running in no time at all. There’s nothing complicated about this product at all.

The initial software installation on the host computer was lightning fast. Configuration took only a minute or so, though there may be a learning curve for consumers who don’t understand exactly how this type of software works. However, with a few minutes of poking around almost anyone should be able to figure it out.

We were very impressed with the screen shot capabilities. We tested it first by setting up 10-minute intervals, and then tested again using a trigger word. It worked flawlessly.

We would highly recommend Stealth iBot Computer Spy for the business owner who suspects company-owned computers are being misused. Workers who know keystrokes and screen shots are being recorded are less likely to misuse their PCs. By the way, the Stealth iBot Computer Spy is also an effective tool for parents who want to monitor their children’s computer activity.

If there’s any downside to this device, it’s the fact that is not compatible with Mac or Linux. However, we’ve come to expect that in the world of PC devices and software.

Recover It – Cell Phone & PC Monitoring Software

recover itRecover It – Forensic Data Recovery Tool

BrickHouse Security markets the Recover It cell phone and PC monitoring software as the best all-in-one tool for PC and smartphone monitoring and data recovery. Right off the bat, it is definitely a step above the competition because the software is equally effective on both computers and cell phones.

Recover It works with an incredibly long list of devices, from PCs to smart phones to tablets. If it’s an electronic device containing any of the 25 different types of data the system recovers, the software will probably work. It is compatible with:

  • iPhones
  • Android devices
  • BlackBerry devices
  • most PCs running Windows.

What It Does

The Recover It software from KJB Security does essentially two things: it monitors computer activity and retrieves data from mobile devices. Let’s start with the monitoring functions.

When you install the software and activate your account, you have a complete monitoring package that will allow you to always know exactly how your computer is being used. You can keep track of search histories, streaming videos, pictures, and anything else that leaves a digital footprint on your computer.

Recover It is an ideal tool for making sure kids behave themselves online. It is equally effective for business owners who want to make sure company computers are not being used inappropriately. The beauty of the software is that it can even recover deleted files suspect users may think they have gotten rid of. Not even clearing the recycle bin will stop this software.

Moving on to the data recovery features, Recover It gives you access to all of the data stored on a smart phone running iOS, Android, and others. With this software, you have access to call logs, text messages, e-mails, and browsing history. Essentially, any data saved to your smart phone can be retrieved easily and accurately.

recover it options

In the Box

When you order Recover It from BrickHouse Security, you’ll get the software, a user manual, and a USB key to activate the service. Just install the software on your PC, download and install the appropriate smartphone app, configure your options, and you’re ready to go in minutes. It’s not difficult to get things going quickly.

Our Experience

Upon receiving our copy of the software, things seemed pretty straightforward. We followed the instructions and were up and running in no time at all. The computer software is easy to understand and navigate, and it allows for printing reports should that be necessary. The only downside to Recover It is its operating system support.

Recover It obviously works on PCs running the latest Windows operating system. However, there appeared to be no support for Linux or BSD. Granted, we did try to install it on a Linux system running WINE, but we wouldn’t need to do this if the product had genuine Linux support.

On the smart phone end of things, the whole experience was rather seamless. Downloading and installing the app is no different from using any other app. We tested Recover It on both an iPhone and an Android phone and were pleasantly surprised with the results. As an added bonus, we discovered the app runs discreetly in the background – no one needs to know.

If you are looking for an all-in-one package that lets you monitor both your PCs and your mobile devices, Recover It is a very good option. BrickHouse Security currently has it listed at $159 with shipping on the same day it’s ordered. If that price is a little steep for you, there certainly are cheaper options that deal only with mobile devices.