iPhone Spy Stick

Owners of iPhones can monitor and recover deleted data from their devices quickly and easily using the BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick. This device is one of the more powerful data recovery tools offered by BrickHouse. It is also fairly affordable at just under $150.

Users should be aware that this device is a recovery device, not a real-time monitoring option. That means in order to make use of the data the owner must physically attach the device to the iPhone to begin reading and downloading. It only takes a couple of minutes though; it’s not as if you need to have the phone for hours on end.

iPhone Spy StickHow It Works

Every iPhone stores tons of data on its internal memory. That data includes contacts, calendar events, chat histories, text messages, web searches, map searches, call logs, and a lot more. All of that data is available via the iPhone Spy Stick simply by plugging in the device and downloading it.

Once it’s downloaded, the device can be plugged into a PC or Mac computer for viewing at your leisure. This makes it useful not only for monitoring but also for backing up important phone data.

The iPhone Spy Stick works by taking advantage of normal computer storage procedures. In other words, when data is deleted from an iPhone it is not really deleted unless the storage space has been overwritten. The only thing that’s happened is that the phone has removed the address markers for the data in question. The iPhone Spy Stick is capable of finding the data even without those markers.

In the Box

The BrickHouse Spy Stick comes with the device and a user’s manual. An optional cable can be purchased for your iPhone or universal connection. Once you plug the device in it immediately begins scanning the phone’s memory for data retrieval The recovery process can take as little as 1 minute or as long as 20 minutes, depending on how much data is being recovered. BrickHouse recommends you have the latest version of iTunes installed for best performance.

Our Experience

We got our hands on the iPhone Spy Stick and put it right to the test. It is compatible with all iPhone models up to the iPhone 5, running iOS version 6.1 or lower. The device and software worked as advertised, though it seemed a bit sluggish to us. That could be due to iTunes not being up-to-date as BrickHouse recommends.

As advertised, we were able to recover data relating to all sorts of things. We did have trouble with some of the deleted contact information but we assume that was because some of it had been overwritten. Keep in mind that deleted data remains on the device unless the phone needs that storage space for something else. At that point, it may overwrite deleted data.

For both personal and business use, the BrickHouse iPhone Spy Stick is a good tool for data recovery and backup. It is especially helpful for businesses that want to keep track of how company-owned phones are being used. The ability to recover things like map searches, web use statistics, calendar and contact data, and so on makes it very attractive.

Lastly, BrickHouse makes a point of advertising this product as one that complies with all federal laws. They make it known that it can only be used on a phone you own or you have permission by the owner to recover data from. If your state has additional privacy laws designed to protect your employees, it is important for you to be familiar with them before using the device with company-owned phones.

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